Friday, 22 March 2013


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Mbatia hailed for snubbing Pinda team

By Polycarp Machira
Wednesday, 20 March 2013 12:01 Political Platform Reporter

Dar es Salaam. Political analysts have hailed recent decision by the National Convention for Construction and Reform–Mageuzi (NCCR–Mageuzi) national chairman, James Mbatia to reject appointment to a team to establish causes of mass failure in last year’s Form Four national examinations.
The nominated lawmaker turned down Prime Minister Mizengo Pinda’s appointment to take part in the probe team formed to investigate the mass failure, citing conflict of interest.
He said his involvement in the team might create a conflict of interest as he is still pursuing the private motion on the education sector he submitted in parliament during the last sitting.
Horrified by the poor quality of textbooks as well as lack of curriculum, Mr Mbatia tabled a private motion suggesting the formation of a committee to look into three crucial areas of the education system which he termed as flawed.
Commenting on his move to turn down the appointment, some people who talked to The Political Platform this week hailed the decision, saying other members of parliament should emulate him.
They noted that the appointment was nothing less than a government move to silence the critical politician. They said that MPs, especially those from the back bench should learn that accepting such government appointments amounts to gagging them.
The role of legislators, they argue is not to work for the government through the probe teams but to act as watchdog, to keep the government working to improve services for the people.
Senior lecturer at the department of Political Science and Public Administration at the University of Dar es Salaam (UDSM) Dr Bashiru Ali observed that Mr Mbatia acted in the interest of the nation and without any fear.
Dr Ali termed it as a sign of change in Tanzanian politics where legislators have for many years danced to the tune of the executive.
“It is one of the hardest decisions that only bold people can take. Remember Mr. Mbatia was just appointed to the parliament by president Kikwete” he said.
Prof Mwesiga Baregu of St Augustine University of Tanzania (Saut) argued for his part that the government was purposely interfering with the parliament by tasking MPs to probe issued that they have raised themselves in the house.
He said the trend does not augur well with the mission to improve democracy.
He remembers that in 2007, the Kigoma North Member of Parliament, Mr Zitto Kabwe raised a number of issues in the mining sector, including bad contracts.
The Bomani Commission was created in 2007 to investigate the mining sector and give recommendations on how Tanzania can benefit from the mining sector.
He said surprisingly when the commission was formed to investigate issues in the sector, legislators were included in the team.
“I think the parliament is just supposed to pinpoint such issues but the government should find its own ways to investigate and take action, by so doing the MPs will work without interferences,” said Prof Baregu.
But retired University of Dar es Salaam lecturer, Dr Azaveli Lwaitama observes that including MPs in such teams may not be a bad thing but in most cases it compromises the legislators’ representative role.
He said in some cases, such appointments smacks of corruption.
 “We have heard of cases where members of certain teams are lured into accepting bribes in order not to expose the rot to the public,” he argued.
Dr Lwaitama’s observation confirms Mr Mbatia’s feeling that if the recently formed team deems it fit, he was ready to give his comments before it.
When reached for comment whether he has been invited to give his opinion to the team since it started working on the issue, he said he has had no communication with the commission.
“This is a clear indication that my inclusion in the team was not in good faith, they could have contacted me after all because I know a lot on this matter” said the nominated MP.



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